Friday, November 27, 2015

oh those favorite jeans

I have had several great loves when it comes to blue jeans.  I once was stuck hard on a pair of Fossil jeans that I bought in Florida.  So much that when they plum wore through I found a couple more pairs over a couple of years on ebay and bought them too.  I still find myself looking for them.  When I find a favorite, fits-just-right pair of jeans I wear them to death.  I wear holes in the butt, by the back pockets, fray the bottoms... you name it.  My heart and soul jeans usually wind up in my sewing room stash to be used somewhere, someday with much love and care.  I recently patch the quilt on our bed made from an old pair of jeans that I recently broke through.
Funny thing, I even have a pair of jeans that I call my "rainy day jeans" because every time I wear them it tends to rain.  Maybe I can sense the need for comfort in the storm.  They are so holey.  Holes everywhere... crotch, butt, knees, you name it.  I will only wear them if I'm at home (duh) and if no one is supposed to come over but these are some of the best times too because they make me feel so good.
I have been noticing pictures of jeans on people that remind me of myself lately.  Easy solves like I have one new pair of jeans that I thrifted for two bucks but they are a little too long.  Not for the old me who used to wear four to six inch heels... perfect for that.  But everyday.. too long.  I'm long legged anyway but I found this picture of Rachel Ashwell's jeans and have decided to just trim them off and let them fray by themselves.  I mean why the hell not?  They were two bucks for crying out loud.  Who cares?!
Post 2
Picture found HERE.
And when they are just a tad on the short side (which most medium or regular length jeans are on me) simply let the hem out and there you will have your extra inch or more!  WaaLaa!!!  It's hard to tell unless you zoom in on this picture.  The video on the blog post (click the pic or the link below) shows a good close up of the hem or non-hem but I can't screen shot.  Or if I can I don't know how.
 “I use my knife everyday to cut hay bales open or to fix some fencing. I carry it as a tool, but it's also for self-defense. I might walk up to the gas station and some guy might try to throw me in his car.”
Picture found HERE.
And this.... this is what I have decided to do from now on.  I will say that it is hard to patch the butt of jeans.  When the rip comes from the back pocket and goes to the center crack.  Tough stitching because you constantly sit and bend and when the jean is wore through it's a hard fix.  But when it's holes anywhere else... this gal here has the plan!!

I also like her quote on the interview...
"I like wrinkles in my face and on my shirt."
Picture found HERE.

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