Tuesday, November 10, 2015

so I needed some new boots

I would like to preface this post by saying this... I have been wearing my beloved pair of green boots since I purchased them in September 2008.  As of this summer I have a small hole in the leather on the toe and the cracks on the sides are also beginning to break through.  One of the toughest things for me to do is shop for a replacement pair.  I will still wear these on occasion but need a new go-to.
Our local boot store has many brands but the Old Gringo boots were the only ones calling my name.  I went one Saturday to look around.  I made the mistake of wearing my green boots in the store.  It was almost like they were speaking to me saying "awe c'mon... I'll be good for a couple more years... let's get out of here... you're not seriously trying those on are you?"  I left without any boots but one pair was stuck in my head all the way to the next Saturday. 
During the week I shopped and browsed online.  I loved the Bonnie boots from OG but thought that I remembered them pinching my toes when I tried them on.  Beautiful they are!  When screen shopping on zappos.com I found these....
Gorgeous I know.  I was going to do a "help me choose a boot" blog post but I've already gone back and bought the red boots that I couldn't stop thinking about.  You see... my every day, party time boots will be the most worn and comfortable pair of shoes in my closet.  They will demand attention.  For crying out loud... how many people do you know wear light green boots??  Well... used to be light green.  Just for giggles I looked up a picture of when I first got my green boots eight years ago and put them next to a picture that I took on Friday.
2008     -     2015
I promise this is the same pair of boots and oooooohhhh if they could talk!
They'd probably say "why don't you go inside to the bathroom lady?"
Oh I love them so.
So the pair that I kept thinking about are red.  Now I'm not a big red wearing person.  I've always felt that the color drains my face.  But.... this year I bought a fat corduroy red coat at the Ladies of Charity thrift for ten bucks that hadn't even been worn and now I bought red cowgirl boots.  Man are they sweet.  I didn't realize that they were even the brand I was looking for.. Old Gringo until I had pretty much decided on them and looked inside the boot to check.  When I saw the label I knew they were coming home with me.  Plus, they fit like a dream.  They felt broken in from the minute I put them on AND they fit my calf which my green ones don't even do.  They kind of bell out around my thin-ish legs and these don't do it at all but they aren't tight either. 
Needless to say... I lik em a lot!
These are the ones I got.
Wonder what they'll look like in eight years!


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