Monday, November 30, 2015

weekend adventures blue holler

Another awesome weekend of four wheeling!  This past weekend, me, Shaun, Scotty and Wolverine went on a little adventure.  The Scotty being our 1987 camper and the Wolverine being our "off roader".  We met up with a couple of handfuls of friends, some staying the day and some staying the day and night, and had a ball! 
Friday's ride was great.  We got to Kentucky, which Blue Holler is right past Bowling Green... kinda sorta... we took about thirty minutes to set up camp while everyone got their rides unloaded.  At forty minutes or so we hit the trails.  We had a lot of good riding on about twelve hundred acres.  The sites are beautiful and of natural wonder and awesomeness.  My new favorite hang out "Sand Cave" just amazes me.  We spent a bit of time each time we stopped there just hanging out and talking and watching people try to climb the steep part.  There is a slight waterfall that Shaun made sure to go under every time we went there to rinse off our windshield.  I sat and imagined the heck of a waterfall that created this valley and cave how every many hundreds of years ago and of the American Indians who probably camped there.  Too cool.  We made it through the day without anybody getting hurt and without too many repairs.
Our second day was a bit different.  As compared to my sleeveless shirt and light hoodie on Friday I was in full rain suit on Saturday.  It rained on us the whole day, start to finish.  I think it rained all day at home too.  It was a steady, light rain that wasn't unbearable but it sure made for some fun riding.  I have no pictures from Saturday because of the mud and cameras don't mix thing.  It is amazing how different the trails are from one day to the next.  Fun regardless of which but I'll take mud over dust if it's up to me.  We came home to our campers and Shaun and I had steaks and potatoes.  Food tastes so much better after a day of four wheeling. 
It was pretty muddy and some people got stuck but it's all part of the fun and I wouldn't want to four wheel with anybody else but this group of fellas.  They take care of each other like butter and have fun while they're at it.  Not just these guys... there's a whole bunch of them and some of them couldn't go so don't get your feelings hurt.  (like they read this!!ha!!)  Makes me proud to be one of them.

The dirt up there is literally like sand.  I kept wiping my hands when they would get wet because the sand felt like Go-Jo.  Free exfoliation! 

Our old Arctic Kitty.

Trust me... it got a lot soupier muddy than this outside our camper door.

Our weekend neighbors.

Our muddy jeans from the night ride.  I told her "my jeans look like I slid down a hill" and she said "mine do too!"
Oh and I made a video of my hair swooshing en route.
Yes... I do smile like this the whole time.
Not just when my hair swooshes. 
 and another.  Then my battery was pretty dead.
Well if that don't half make you sea sick!
We had a blast... I hope that's plain to see!

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