Tuesday, November 17, 2015

what's that word?

In a effort to up my vocabulary, not really on purpose but to figure out what some of the computer generated words mean on my Scrabble game, I find myself looking up the meaning of the following words.  You may already know them and use them regularly but as for me..  they are somewhat new.
I will say that I have brought the words Quango and Fatling into my vocabulary using them quite often over the last week from my previous "what's that word?" post.  Mostly because they make me laugh.
Here are a few that I have written down since I last shared new words with you.
Foist:  to force someone to accept (something that is not good or not wanted)
Zechin:   sequin (I wonder if there is cool word for glitter!  My sister Marty would say, "yes... crap")
Ingot:  a mass of metal cast in a convenient form for shaping, remelting, or refining.
Radix:  Mathematics. a number taken as the base of a system of numbers, logarithms, or the like. 
              (huh... no wonder I didn't know this one... horrible as a math student)
Podzols:  a type of soil characteristic of coniferous forest regions having a greyish-white colour in its upper leached layers
Renvoi:  the expulsion by a government of an alien, especially a foreign diplomat, from the country.(can't believe I haven't heard this one on NPR in all their illegal alien talk)
Lowborn:  of humble birth.
Jihad:  any vigorous, emotional crusade for an idea or principle.
Pingo:  a hill of soil-covered ice pushed up by hydrostatic pressure in an area of permafrost.
Yeans:  (of a sheep or goat) to bring forth young.
Okay well I don't feel so silly now because there are obviously reasons why I've not heard some of these words before.  Well I know them now and by combining last the last "what's that word?" post and this one I've made a sentence for you that my English teacher from high school may of may not be proud of!
P.S. this is all being said while my pointer finger is in the air as if making a grand declaration.
We shall foist the lowborns and fatlings and those who yean into our radix quango and jahid to the podzols and pingos while using our dirks and ingot-made zechin until anoxias when at last they renvoi us all!!!
Wow... what a statement.  I believe if I were standing next to you right now you would be looking at me about like this...  either one... 

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