Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Barbie Oasis

This is what I did today outside of watching kids, cooking and cleaning at the day care.  I've had it in my mind to create an "outdoor" space for the Barbie house since I started this.  MyFroggyStuff on youtube has a lot of instructional videos on many how to's of the Barbie world.  I got this from the Secret Garden video.  Here are my pictures along the way today.
You take your glue gun and blob on "rocks".

I decided I probably didn't have enough glue sticks to do the whole box so I cut out windows to save space and glue.

Some of her videos say to line the edges with paper and glue sticks for a finished look... so I did.

It literally took me all morning long, including stopping for kid stuff, to make the glue rocks and my hand was taking a beating from it!

During naptime I got to work painting.  Gray first to get the mortar and base coat on the rocks.

Then dabbing of neutral colors and whites around the windows.

And leftovers for lunch.

I placed the faux grass astro turf that I got from my sister in to check the look.

For my window filler I decided to print off pretty pictures of the sky until my printer ran out of ink.  So I broke open the Lucky Charms box and painted my own.

I bought this vine bundle at Hobby Lobby along with the spray of tiny pink flowers.

I just duct taped the scene in each window.  Oh And I got a stick from outside for the tree. 

Not everything is beautiful from the back view.

Up close of the painted "rock".
And the finished product... until I have time to make some outdoor furniture.  Enough for today!!

YAY Barbie Oasis!!!

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