Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas at our house

I opted not to put up the big tree again this year.  I did however bring out my little threesome of alpine trees although not at the same time.  I just put a few things out as the mood struck me.  First I out the medium sized tree in my bathroom and strung the lights across the window to the plug.  I like the raw illumination.  I also found a bunch of birds that I had begun collecting and went through the house to get others and put them on that little tree.  About a week later I brought down the largest of the three trees, unplugged and took down the lamp on top of the fireplace and put that tree there... no ornaments.  On the same day I decided to put the smallest tree by the front door on the porch.  I made sure to secure it from the wind and added a timer so it would come on by itself and feathers that I had.  I also found a vintage garland that I bought at a yard sale sometime and draped it above the kitchen window.  That was it... until this past Sunday when I took the remaining summer hang out things down from the Oasis and back porch which included the white lights above the Oasis.  While wrapping them up on a warm Sunday I decided to make use of the other end of the Christmas lights on the little porch tree and draped lights over the front door.  I like having a lit up door to walk into.  They come on at about five and go off around eleven.  So that's it... Christmas at our house.  Not sure where the presents will go once wrapped.  I really need to get on that.

I have a strand of lights out on the loft over by the coyote.  You can usually see him better.

Framed painted linen from Grandmother Brown's house.

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