Thursday, December 3, 2015

days of our day care

So.. maybe I'm taking this Barbie house thing a little too far but it seems like all I want to do is make stuff for the Barbie house.  I even found a FANTASTIC channel on youtube that makes their own dollhouse stuff out of regular things.  It is amazing.  I had already started making my kitchen sink and refrigerator before I found her or it could have been a lot simpler.  Not that what I made was hard for me to do.  Hers just seems easier.  I've made a couple of things so far from watching her videos.

You can find her channel on youtube HERE.

And here's what I've been working on for our new Barbie house.

A refrigerator from a business card mailing box with chalkboard contact paper on the front and three shelves glued inside.

A kitchen cabinet with a sink.

Trying to make a couple of cakes from a tutorial on the youtube channel.
They are taking forever to dry so I'm not sure I did them exactly right.
If they turn out, one of them will be painted like chocolate cake and the other pink strawberry.

I made the purple pillow from another tutorial.

I made the bead chandelier from my own mind.

I think the copper sink and painted marble countertop add some fancy!

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