Monday, December 14, 2015

for christmas for him from me

A Christmas for him... my man.  I can do this because he doesn't read my blog.  And he really only doesn't already know about just one of these gifts.  The Wrangler denim work shirts he asked for and the Harley Davidson safety mirrored sunglasses he always needs and always gets for Christmas or birthday or Valentine's day.  The universal remote he's needed for quite some time and I actually already gave it to him although he hasn't touched it to program it yet.  The pillow is a replacement for one he already has that is nasty.  I don't know why boy's pillows get yucky so fast... I swear he does go to bed clean.  We have both used the Chiro water pillows for a couple of years now and neither wake up with stiff necks anymore.  Plus they are super comfy. 
The light whips for our side by side I am having a friend make for us.  When we first saw these they kind of reminded us of someone who is just trying to get attention but on our last ride two of our friends riding with us had them on their machines and after it got dark we found they were pretty cool and useful.  Shaun and I had a flat coming down on pretty good hill and we were the last ones in the chain of four wheelers so they all pretty much went on.  Shaun broke out his handy little compressor and in no time we were back on the trail, even after one friend came back to check on us.  But all the way down through the valley below I could see the light whips and could tell exactly where our friends had gone.  It was really easy to tell who was who and where they were instead of just head lights and tail lights. 
So... that's what Santa Laurie is bringing Shaun for Christmas... so don't tell. 

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