Friday, December 11, 2015

for Christmas for me from him

I'm not afraid to make gift suggestions when it comes to a gift giver asking.  I like to make it easy on my man.  Heck I even order what I want from him online and he hands me the money.  I don't have a problem with that.  Most of the time he throws in a surprise or something I don't know about but even if he doesn't that's alright.  The following is what I asked for from him for Christmas.  He's been asking what I wanted for months now.  I actually have not ordered the seasons of the Golden Girls as of yet.  I guess I need to get on that.  But the Philosophy Lemon Custard shower gel from QVC got here yesterday.  I was proud of myself for not tearing into it just to take a lemony whiff.  I can wait two more weeks.  The sweat pants I bought at WalMart and actually didn't make that a Christmas present.  I have been more about comfort lately at the day care and only have two pair.  So I bit the bullet and bought three pair of  $5.96 sweatpants last Saturday.  The OveGlove would be for the day care and I will probably pick that one up somewhere because the prices on Amazon to me are not trustworthy.  Although most of the time I have no problem ordering from Amazon... these just didn't seem right especially on the shipping side.  The speakers are for Black Rose and totally up to him.

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