Thursday, December 17, 2015

image inspiration

Inspiring Images of handmade Christmas trees that could be made in a snap with common (in my household) things. 
I love this little handmade nativity scene found on soulemama.  The trees, I think, are made of coffee filters and probably rolled up paper or something a little more sturdy.  So sweet.
I adore this little felt Christmas tree.  It looks like it would be so easy to make with just a little sewing machine time or hand sewing time.  The base would probably involve the hubby but it gets the creative wheels turning doesn't it?  I originally found it on hazelandscout but the tree can be purchased at Nordstrom for pretty cheap too.
Oooh this one has a "how to"!  Although I despise times when I have everything here at the day care except for one thing for a craft and it's at the house.  I own it I just don't have it on me when the mood hits.  Ugh!  The agony of having two houses.  I really like these fluffy trees and they are made with a piece of paper and crepe paper... oh and glue and accessories.  But the accessories are optional and they are still really pretty!  Found on creativechaos.  Click the pic to see how they are made.
2010 December Craft 036
For the kiddos.  I found this on pinterest but always like to link to the correct source if it is possible.  This easy for kids to make tree is from and will most likely be made today at the day care!  I have a lot of pompoms!
Kindergarten and Mooneyisms:
And since my newly found "old" Barbie love I have found and totally enjoyed myfroggystuff on youtube and here she shows us an easy way to make a doll house Christmas tree that doesn't necessarily have to be used in a dollhouse y'all.
And I love this picture and the thought behind it for Barbies.  So easy to do for miniature things!

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