Friday, December 4, 2015

lovin right now

Last month, my niece and I took a trip to my cousin's house in Houston, Texas.  She had a house warming party and had these teeny candles as party favors.  Sine Shaun doesn't care for strong scents from candles and air fresheners I brought my little candles to the day care.  Man does this one smell good!  It is from Bath and Body Works and is called Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.  YUM!  Really covers up that... day care smell... sometimes.
I recently watched a special on QVC... HHHAAAAA I always watch specials on QVC!!!  But really... Josie Maran, vanilla cream, whipped body butter with Argan oil is fantastic.  It feels so smooth and silky on my skin and smells fantastic. 
I think it was last Christmas or there-a-bouts that my Aunt Dea gave my sisters and I these neat little handmade gadgets that fit a soup bowl and goes into the microwave.  You can heat up your soup and not singe your hands trying to get the hot bowl back out when it's done.  It's genius!  I really use mine a lot at the day care when I am heating up my lunch.  I like to make batches of soup for myself and freeze lunch servings for easy eatin.
Sweet mini peppers... Mmmmm.  I use these babies for everything.  I eat them plain and cut up with my sandwiches, cut up in salads, cooked in the oven with other veggies... you name it.  They are crisp and great.  I just get mine at Kroger or Walmart's produce section.
Here's a picture of my microwave cozy that my Aunt gave me.
And HERE is where you can get the on Etsy.

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