Tuesday, December 1, 2015

tis the season to be felt-y

I came across a book on a blog recently that I took an interest in.  Sadly my library doesn't have it.  I sent the post to my sister Mary Evelyn to share the lovely looking book with her.  We have always joked about starting a felt club where all thing would be made of felt and there would be projects and crafts that we members would make every time we got together.  Sounds fun doesn't it?  Apparently, she sent the post to my niece Lacey who ordered a copy of the book.  She brought it by my house the day she got it and I haven't returned it yet.  There are some really great looking projects in the book.  One of them I have already made and another that will only require a quick stop by the felt department at Joann. 

The cutest tissue box cover I've ever seen!
Happy December!

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