Wednesday, January 6, 2016

changing ways

Since I have been self employed I realize how much I used to hate the word "goals".  Previous employers would have weekly, monthly and yearly goals that you had to meet.  One job I had once gave me absurd goals trying to get rid of me.  Most of the time you would get rewarded for reaching the goals but not always and if you didn't reach the goals you got slapped on the hand so to speak.  BLAH... BLAH.  So when the new year was upon me I thought about making goals for the new year.  I cringed at the word so decided to just call it "changing ways". 
I really hadn't even put much thought into it until we got home from our trip.  I picked a couple of things that I do now, kind of old habits, that I could change for the better.  So here they are.
1.  Throw away scratched sunglasses.  I hold on to old sunglasses "just incase" no matter how scratched they are.  Mind you I wear sunglasses that cost a whole five dollars from Walmart so replacing them is usually in the budget.  But when I get home with new ones the old ones get tucked... here and there and everywhere.  And when I can't find my new ones I resort to the ones I can't see out of.  No More!  I vow to throw away my old scratched ones from here on out!  My console in my car will thank me for the extra room.
2. Speaking of my car... Keep car interior clean.  Over our holiday Shaun had my car cleaned for me... inside and out.  I am a slob and right now I am going to tell you a truth.  My back seat, until a week ago, housed a set of snowflake ornaments that I made and took to the county fair last year.... not 2015.... 2014.  They rode in my backseat for over a year.  That's bad!  But now.. they are in their proper place and so are the multiples of scratched sunglasses.  I vow to keep the car cleaner.
3.  Read book reviews.  I don't do this.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know what a library addict I am.  I admit that I will order and check out books that I have not a clue what they are about.  This leads to disinterest in a way.  I will pick up a book and begin reading it to find I am not interested at all in it which leads me to have nothing to read at bedtime.  I feel that if I would actually read what the book is about I would save a lot of time for a lot of people including library personnel and myself and in turn wind up with books that I am interested in.
4. Yoga.  I was very into yoga for a long while.  I am not not interested in yoga now... I just don't make time for it.  I know the benefits both physically and mentally and the rewards... I am just way out of the habit.  I am semi-reluctant to vow to this because I feel I am still not ready to take it back up to the extent that I used to do it.  So... in my own time... I vow to begin again.
5. Get the journal back out.  Matter of fact... I just had the idea to make a new one for this year.  I have a composition notebook that I can decorate already.  I do enjoy journaling and it helps to clear my thoughts when there is a traffic jam in my head.  I have simply gotten away from using it often and carrying it with me.  It also helps me to remember things and have something to refer back to and take to doctor visits, etc.
6. Eat more salad.  I love salads and eat them fairly often but on our trip last week we had salad with just about every meal.  What salad we didn't eat went in a storage bag and served as an easy go to for lunch the next day or supper the next evening.  A good crisp salad is a very good thing and can literally go with any meal.  Raw foods a great for healthy digestion too.
What a wordy post... and now picture!  How boring!!  What are your changes for the new year?

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