Wednesday, January 13, 2016

my hand at miniatures

In an attempt to hand make everything that will be going into my revamp the dollhouse project, I decided to try my hand at making some clay miniatures to go in the house.  I want pretty bowls for the kitchen, flower pots, and whatever else I can come up with to sit here and there.
Last Thursday I was really craving this project but alas... as it happened I didn't have any flour at the day care to make salt dough.  So then I came across a recipe for baking soda clay... didn't have that either.  So Friday I brought the flour and made some stuff.  I was so proud... until Monday.  Over the weekend I went to Walmart and bought some clay that you bake for five bucks.  I love this stuff.  The other blogs keep saying things about "air dry" clay so that's what I went looking for.  Since I couldn't find it I bought the oven kind and like it!  My projects are baked and cooled and ready to paint in twenty minutes.  Who wants to wait for the air dry stuff to dry??  So Monday and Tuesday, in my own opinion, I kicked my own butt with what I made.
Here's what I made last week with the salt dough.
These were for the Barbie house at the DC.
I put this little crate together.  It weighs nothing pretty much.

I made these Monday with the Sculpey clay plus a little dog.

And this little bench.

It's a messy little Katie Bug!

All painted and weathered.  I made the little apples back there to go in it.

And here goes Tuesday.  I got braver.

I could have left him this color.  There's a lot on the interline that are left this way.  But I decided to blend paints and make it work.

Not perfect but I like it that way.

This is Skippy and his little pretty water bowl.  He's for the Barbie house.

I think my deer head turned out good.  I hope it's not too big for the dollhouse.

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