Thursday, January 7, 2016


Our four wheeling trip to the mountains last week was fantastic.  We rode over three hundred miles.  Our longest day was about one hundred miles through the mountains.  We went all the way to an area called "The Flats" which is exactly what it was.  Flat mesa type hilltops with no trees and green grass.  I didn't take my camera four wheeling this time at all, sad to say.  But in this area we saw six wild elks along with some white tailed deer, multiple fantastic views of Tennessee and I found shiny rocks everywhere around there which I really like!  I stuck a few in my pocket to bring home.
I wish you could really tell how brilliant these are and how they catch the light.  Amazing.

These came from a different area of the mountain where my little friend and I were playing in the creek.  Not as pretty as the others but I will not forget where they came from.


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