Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Barbie pet shop

As of Tuesday, 2/23/2016, the pet shop in our Barbie house/retail area is now open for business! 
In reality... it's just finished and ready to be played in. 
I am pretty happy with the results though and have had a lot of fun making everything for it.
We did get the little animals in the mail Monday afternoon.

Cat toys and dog chew toys.

I found this picture in a Mary Jane's Farm magazine.  It looks like Katie Bug (but much cleaner).

 I adore the fish tank I made.  Even though there's no fish.

Cat Toy.

Little leashes.

I printed these boxes and folded them from

I made the little pet bowls out of clay and painted them.

Some of our animals have already been adopted out!

These two girls have too much fun with Barbies!
I am already thinking of what the next business will be.  Probably a clothing store.
That could be fun... with handmade purses and clothes and jewelry. 
We'll see how that one plays out. 
What's your opinion? 
What kind of Barbie retail outlet would you like to see us make?

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