Thursday, February 18, 2016

DC Barbie Retail Spaces

I got the urge to make some new spaces for the Barbie area at the day care.  I split a box in two and gave them both contact paper flooring and a splash of interior trim paint with a semi-gloss finish.  The paint warped the cardboard just a touch.  Gluing things to the walls fixes that problem sometimes if you plan on doing that.  I let one of my kids here help me decide what the retail spaces would be.  We decided that one should be a pizza place and the other a pet shop.  The ideas were flowing in faster for the pizzeria so I started with that one.  I used food boxes, card stock and recycled containers for the counters and table and stools.  I printed some pizza boxes from and made little pizzas from clay and painted them.  I also made a pizza oven and a cash register with the help of myfroggystuff on youtube.  I like the way it turned out!

And this one will be the pet shop!  I've already got the check out counter made. 

My day care friend and I ordered some pets from amazon this morning. 
 I think they will be adorable!
They are the Littlest Pet Shop pets.  I was hoping for a fish too.  I guess the aquarium I have in mind could be for the turtle.
We got them from THIS listing.

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