Wednesday, March 16, 2016

weekend shots

I am loving this spring weather in Tennessee!  On Saturday, Katie Bug and I took a walk.  I had been wondering of the top field was full of buttercups and if the iris had popped up yet.  No iris yet but the buttercups were giving quite a show.  My winter blues have dissipated as warm weather is here.  Even if we have another cold snap or two I know we are headed for warm nights and hot days!!

The dog toothed violets popping up.

My pretty little Rattlesnake wild orchids.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Barbie Bathroom

I am pretty sure this will be the last Barbie room/addition to our Barbie house here at the day care.  If not, I will have to gut the rest of the room and deem the entire room one big Barbie house.  I reckon I have to draw the line somewhere.  This room stumped me a bit.  How does one make a toilet for a Barbie house?  I came up with one that is self-contained and tank-less.  It is also water-less... thank goodness.  It is made from a tea box and has a Dixie cup for the bowl.  You can even raise the lid.  I cut a sink into an existing counter that I had made and used ribbon to hide the card stock basin.  The shower curtain was found in a bag of scarves.  I don't recall seeing it before but it made things a lot easier on me as I was rushing to work one morning and found it.  I quickly ironed a seam, sewed it and hurried out the door.  The accessories, perfume bottles, and pictures are made from beads, shells that I glittered and magazine cut outs.  It came together nicely.  At the last minute, glue gun in hand, I glued everything down.  I felt kind of mean in doing this but I wanted to take pictures and honestly speaking I have been known to go in the Barbie house after everyone leaves and straighten everything back up.  This way, it stays and the Barbies have use of the facilities.  Is that wrong? :)

Not bad huh?!?!

I used a picture of purple hydrangeas for my sisters Marty and Mary Evelyn.
Marty who loves the color purple and Mary Evelyn who loves hydrangeas.

That faucet is an earring piece.

Recognize that plant cup anyone? 
I need to make towels yet and maybe a bathrobe.  I think it turned out nice.

Friday, March 11, 2016

lovin right now

Well I have been in love with lots of things since my last Lovin Right Now post I'm sure. 
Here's what I am actually... Lovin Right Now.

I found these at Kroger last weekend and haven't stopped eating them!  They are good to snack on.  For breakfast, I use almond milk (unsweetened, no vanilla) and have diced apple... yum!  Last Saturday I made granola bars and included this cereal in the mix.  So good!

I've been using Josie Maran body butter since last year and LOVE IT!  My most recent purchase of lotion included a jar of face butter.  Before I got it I had just been using the body butter on my face.  I really, really like the face butter.  It is wonderfully silky and not heavy on my face.  I use it on my face and neck.  I order mine from

My Vitamix is a couple of year sold now and I don't use it all the time.  It actually goes in spurts as to what I am into making.  Lately I have gotten back on my smoothie kick.  I made the berry beet smoothie and my favorite green smoothie the most.  Recently I found another one with cranberries and chopped ginger that I like too. The recipe is HERE.  I have a sensible breakfast fairly early, then have my smoothie about 10:00 A.M.  For lunch I have sliced carrots and celery with almond butter on melba toast. 

For the longest time I ran across people that quoted the movie Office Space.  I had never seen the movie so I didn't know what they were giggling about.  I glanced through the five dollar movie bin at WalMart one day and the movie was there so I bought it.  I bet I have watched it fifteen times since then.  Each time I pick up on something else that strikes me as funny.  It's not the best movie in the world but I like it.  It also makes me every so thankful to not work in an office/cubicle environment anymore!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Barbie Chairs

My sisters and I were taught by our Mother at a very young age to use what you've got.  My Barbie house when I was a child had washrag beds, Tupperware bathtubs, homemade clothing and homemade furniture.  My Mom made lots of stuff for us.  And so it seems I picked up that trait.  One specific item she made for our Barbie house was chairs from cardboard salt containers.  You can get two chairs out of one container if you cut it right.  I searched my semi-hoarding stash at the day care of recycled items and found a large oatmeal box and two salt boxes.  We peeled the labels off and I traced lines then cut them out.  I ended up with two large chairs, two small chairs and two bar stools!  The problem was deciding how to decorate each one. 
Oddly enough, I browsed the internet for ideas and couldn't find much.  I found one pattern for the chairs for sale on etsy and one picture on a blog that someone had made.  Do people not know about this? I felt I had to share to get the word out there better.  So feel free to pin any of the pictures to Pinterest.  Just reference back here so they can see how they are made. 
Anyway!  I used my famous glitter glue, mod podge and paint.  I also made cushions for each one.  I found a wonderful tutorial for pouffes.  They are actually for humans and are fabulous.  But I used the tutorial and inspiration and made several Barbie chair sized ones.  They are so easy.  I only used my sewing machine on one of them... it's the tackiest one!

Making a new bottom from an old cereal box.

Making paper roll legs for the bar stools.

Reinforcing with popsicle sticks for strength.

Looks like they are for sale in the gypsy boutique!

The complete lot of them!  I can't decide which is my favorite.

HERE is where I learned to make the Pouffes.