Monday, March 14, 2016

A Barbie Bathroom

I am pretty sure this will be the last Barbie room/addition to our Barbie house here at the day care.  If not, I will have to gut the rest of the room and deem the entire room one big Barbie house.  I reckon I have to draw the line somewhere.  This room stumped me a bit.  How does one make a toilet for a Barbie house?  I came up with one that is self-contained and tank-less.  It is also water-less... thank goodness.  It is made from a tea box and has a Dixie cup for the bowl.  You can even raise the lid.  I cut a sink into an existing counter that I had made and used ribbon to hide the card stock basin.  The shower curtain was found in a bag of scarves.  I don't recall seeing it before but it made things a lot easier on me as I was rushing to work one morning and found it.  I quickly ironed a seam, sewed it and hurried out the door.  The accessories, perfume bottles, and pictures are made from beads, shells that I glittered and magazine cut outs.  It came together nicely.  At the last minute, glue gun in hand, I glued everything down.  I felt kind of mean in doing this but I wanted to take pictures and honestly speaking I have been known to go in the Barbie house after everyone leaves and straighten everything back up.  This way, it stays and the Barbies have use of the facilities.  Is that wrong? :)

Not bad huh?!?!

I used a picture of purple hydrangeas for my sisters Marty and Mary Evelyn.
Marty who loves the color purple and Mary Evelyn who loves hydrangeas.

That faucet is an earring piece.

Recognize that plant cup anyone? 
I need to make towels yet and maybe a bathrobe.  I think it turned out nice.

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