Thursday, March 3, 2016

Boho Barbie Shop

Help!  It seems my blog is turning into everything Barbie!  Which realistically probably appeals to no one but myself.  But hey...  I'm having fun.  Yesterday I had the chance to really work on the next Barbie retail space.  I wanted to do a clothing store because it would force me to learn how to make clothing for Barbies which scares me.  I can sew but this seems way different.  I actually tried to use elastic last night and wound up making a dress, skirt and top.  I got so frustrated.  I need to find a good youtube tutorial.  Anyway, I put my box together last Friday, painted it Tuesday, rummaged through my fabrics Tuesday night and really worked on it Wednesday.  I am loving it!.  One of these days I am going to make a space that I don't want anyone to touch.  I may be there now.

I got real bummed after I painted the walls.  They looked more like a dance studio to me.  I didn't get inspired until I found the fabric in my stash for the dressing room curtains.  I've had the fabric for more than twelve years.  It's floppy, hard to sew and doesn't fray.  I glued it to make the curtain pockets.  Perfecto!

I used the wood grain contact paper for the floor and cut squares alternating the grain.

The dressing room before the curtain.  I made the mirror out of some packing from Shaun's new Bluetooth ear phones.

I made these other mirrors from a tissue box.  I accidentally bought the Puffs kind with Vicks in it and when they were gone on Tuesday I saw that the inside of the box was lined with reflective cardboard.  Score!  I used the tissue oval opening as my template.

The artwork thus far is from the back of an old calendar where they show you what's inside the calendar before you buy it.

I made these sloppy crates from pre-colored popsicle sticks and the baskets from empty applesauce cups and hot glued yarn on one and twine on the other.

I am very happy with the counter.  I used clear plastic from packaging and the mirror top from the tissue box.  There's the other basket.

The paper towel tube is a display for necklaces and bracelets that I have yet to make.  I like the dressing room sitting right there.  It is portable.

Top View.  I made the rugs too.  Some of them are just cut fabric.  Bohos like their rugs.

I glued another piece of mirror on top of this shelf to hide the plants.  It also has a hanging bar underneath the shelf for clothing.

Hopefully soon there will be some dresses hanging on the stobs there.
I made pillows last night too to put up for sale in the shop.  Soon it will be full of merchandise and ready for the grand opening!

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  1. This is so impressive that I'm intimidated!


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