Monday, June 20, 2016

Around Here

Well Vicky Darlin... this one's for you.

Around here... it's the last day of Spring.
There's a black candle burning in hopes of Spring returning next year.
I'm looking forward to the heat.
To pickin, canning, hanging out and enjoying life.
There's flowers blooming on the porch.
And indoor plants bathing in their summer vacation outside.
Tomorrow is the first day of Summer.
And I can't wait.
It will go by way to fast.
These first pictures are a few from this Spring.
Since I've been too snooty to share!
Or maybe too busy to care.
Either way... while lids on peach preserves are poppin in my kitchen...
here they are.

The new job is going great.
Thanks for askin!
I've missed you too.
If you want to know what any of the plants here are just ask.
Bet you can't name 'em all.
The first full moon of Summer is tonight.
And I'll be dancing naked under it.
I suggest you do too.... at your own house.... preferably after dark if you got neighbors.
Just thought I'd share that.

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