Sunday, October 30, 2016

Around Here

What a beautiful fall.  Shaun says it's my kind of fall because it's unseasonably hot.  He's right.  These days I am all for taking a walk with Kate after work, going bare foot, opening the windows and taking the T-tops out of my car.   


Tommy loves this weather too.

Can you find the teeny frog?

I have begun calling the little pond by our house Black Pool.  The water is always dark and it's Katie Bug's swimming pool when I don't want to walk her to the bigger ponds.

And I found these on my camera from the summer.

Oh summertime... how I will miss you.

This is the quilt that I started last year... 2015.  I finished it this summer.  It doesn't have any batting or anything... just a top layer and a bottom layer of fabric.  It is the perfect weight for summer. 

A laundry visitor.

Not too clear but what a grin!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

literally on hold at the library

Coming soon to a library shelf for me...

Well hello again!  I was just on the library website, making my requests, and thought... I used to share this stuff with my blog peeps. So I thought I would right now. 

Ghostland by Colin Dickey is a compilation of ghost stories so I've heard.  I am fourth on the list so it looks doubtful that I will get it before Halloween.

We were eating at Cracker Barrel the other day and I thumbed through Ree Drummond's cookbooks there.  So instead of buying it "yet" I will test drive it from the library.  I have loved her recipes and spunk for several years.  I'd love to see her cooking show but alas we don't have cable or fancy TV.  I'll just have to read all about it.

I have gotten hooked on M.C. Beaton's, Hamish Macbeth series... bigtime.  I first checked out "Death of a Witch" and luckily it kept my attention and I finished the book in a couple of weeks.  I like to take my time.  After I finished that one I checked out another one.  That one was Death of a Kingfisher.  I'm now on Death of a Scriptwriter and will pick up Death of a Nurse this week. 

When I was browsing for more Hamish Macbeth stories I noticed that they made a television series.  I have watched the first two seasons and will pick up the third series this week.  It is all based in a village in Scotland and the author does very well at writing in the accents.  I have found myself using words like "dinnae" and "thon".  If I start answering people with "aye" we might should worry.

Have a wonderful week!