Saturday, October 14, 2017

aging a funkin

I ventured into Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and although my Witch's Kitchen is complete they had funkins on sale for 40% off.  So what did I do?  I bought me another one.  This time an orange one.  Just incase I decided to make another diorama in the future.  If not, I have a pumpkin to sit around for the season.  

When you first buy fake pumpkins I feel they look a bit too fake.  You have to put a little age on them.  It's really easy to do and all you need is a little dark brown craft paint, a paint brush and some paper towels.  You dip your brush in paint and swoop in sections because the paint dries fast.  Make sure it gets in all the cracks and before it dries wipe the sections with paper towel.  A damp paper towel is also needed.  The dry one sometimes doesn't wipe it off as good.  Waalaa!  Aged funkin!!

Much Better!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

theme songs

I feel like this post deserves a bit of a British accent.  I am a BBC nut.  I actually look up BBC at the library and rent BBC shows.  I love them.  I think it may be a heritage thing.  Something deep within that I feel a connection with.  At the same time, I have several shows that peak my interest and tickle my heart strings at the mere sound of the show's beginning.  My most favorite, as of late, is The Great British Baking Show.  I picked up season four after work yesterday and as soon as I got home and got to work in my kitchen the show came on  and my stress of the day immediately melted away.  This isn't the first show that melts my nerves away.  I have a few and there theme songs are as follows...

The Great British Baking Show

Doc Martin

Downton Abbey

Keeping Up Appearances

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

And on the more American side...

Sex and The City
The Golden Girls

Will & Grace

The New Girl

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I have to go now.  I am cooking supper, my new Rumba "Selma" is vacuuming and I was just told that my shirt is on inside out.

What the?!?!?! I've got my British Baking Show to watch on top of all of this!!!

XOXO my lovelies

Sunday, October 8, 2017

of spells and potions

with off and on rain all morning, I woke up a little hot as we slept with the windows open and fans on.  it's nice... I always like to say "you can't do this in February" or when my friend teener and I are riding around the farm "ladies in new York ain't doing this right now".  it's nice, with not so many lights on, a slight breeze tickling through the house.

I have a little bit of fun with spells from time to time.  it's just a person thing that I share with very few.  I'll whip one up at the beginning of each year that include things that I hope for in the new year, things I want to accomplish, a calm peaceful year, creativity and so forth.  I have been known to teach one to conjure a love spell or two and lately have been thinking of making one up to help keep myself youthful looking... good luck with that right!  but hey, what can it hurt?

I found the following on the internet yesterday.  and while these are fantasy kid kits I think they are brilliant and beautiful and I wish I would have thought of it years ago.  the woman is a damn genius.

her sight is called moonandmothmagic

Click HERE to be directed to the potion for the picture above.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

early fall walk

A walk in our woods never fails to amaze me.  Especially when I have such a good friend with me.  Today she kept managing to get in my pictures which just made them all the more precious.  The first one is my favorite.  Actually, the woods seemed a bit weird today.  Fall is in the air.  Everything seems to take on a different look.  Sometimes creepy in fact.  I didn't find any feathers for about the first 30 minutes but then they seemed to be everywhere.  I also kept seeing eye sockets in the creek and things grouped in threes.  That all probably means nothing... or does it?

Bergamont.. with a twist.

Do you spy the squirrel?  
I spotted his tail.  He was frozen there.  It was a little odd.
They usually run.  But this guy froze until I got too curious as to what he was doing.

One of Kate's very favorite spots in the creek.
She splashes in here for hours while I mushroom hunt in the spring.

Kate foot.

I was interested in a rock and when I moved it this guy ran out from underneath.  I think I woke him up.

Tree root flower pot.

What the Harvey rains did to our swimming hole.  It's now down to rock bed.



This little feather... turned out to be two little feathers.

Shaun would have a duck fit over this large thistle

Milk weed pods