Wednesday, August 23, 2017

beans about it

Hey y'all!  You know.. I was not a bean fan growing up.  I have liked green beans for years but not as a child.  The beans I am talking about are more of speckled, black eyed peas, butter beans... you know the kind.  In the last year I have mastered the way I make them.  Even Shaun likes them spoonful after spoonful.  My secret it in the bacon, onion and vegetable broth I use.  I don't just throw them in there.  First I put pieces of bacon and slices of onion in a pot and turn the heat up.  I don't cook the bacon all the way but enough to make some grease for the onions to semi-fry in.  Next I put in the broth and let it start heating up then add the beans, salt, pepper and about a tablespoon of parsley.  I put the lid on the  pot and keep the heat high until I see a good boil.  Then I turn it down to about 2 and let them cook for a while.  Most of the time it's about an hour.  I've let them go longer and I've took them off before the hour.  Just depends on when everything else is done cooking.  I don't add any more broth or water.  As long as the top is on they shouldn't dry up at all.  And I put almost the whole carton of broth.  If I had canned broth I would use the 15 ounce or whatever can and maybe add water.  The box of broth is 32 oz.  I hardly ever use the whole thing.  Just to make sure the beans are covered well with liquid.  I also have gotten used to using frozen beans and not canned.  I just like them better.  So there... my master bean recipe.  Loved round the world... or maybe just my world.  Love ya!

By the way... the secret to not getting the farts if using canned beans is to rinse them with water very well when you first open the can.  Just dump them in a strainer and rinse off the juice that they have been sitting in since they last saw day light.  That is the pooty stuff.  You still might get the toots a little bit but not near as bad.   :)

Monday, August 21, 2017

total eclipse morning inspiration

I got on the internet this morning and visited one of my favorite blogs.  I love seeing their farm and their brand new baby goats.  The post that inspired me you can find HERE

I got my boots on and my clippers out and hit the edge of the woods.  I even walked into the woods some.  I found two turkey feathers and the coolest mushroom... that Katie Bug knocked over two seconds later so I brought it home too.  I didn't feel like I could just leave it there. 

The total eclipse is today.  I haven't decided exactly what to do.  I sort of want to stay home with my animal friends but I sort of want to hang out with friends preferably at a swimming pool since it is also going to be a scorcher today. Either way I am very excited to be a witness to the total eclipse.  I have heard so much about it on NPR lately.  So interesting.

I am in love with my arrangement.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

witch's kitchen fireplace

Talk about studying over something!  I knew my next step for the witch's kitchen was the fireplace or stove.  I tossed ideas back and forth for days.  As with my normal process... it hit me and I did it.  Yesterday Morning I got out a good piece of cardboard, some scissors and masking take and got to bending and making.  Then, I covered it with "stone" like the floor and added a mantle and chimney.  While stoning the front I stopped and made a horseshoe just like we have on the front of our fireplace.  I LOVE the way this turned out.  Although I can't yet mount it in the kitchen because I broke down and ordered the nine dollar flickering "fire" today!!!  Yay!

This is our life sized fireplace.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

witch's kitchen update

Well I'm just going to say it... This Is Fun!!

I have been working on my witch's kitchen in my spare time for two weeks now.  I have some fun accessories that I made out of clay and painted, I have my funkin and as of today I have a floor and lights!   I made the faux stone floor from THIS tutorial.  The clay things I just made from scratch.  The chandelier was made following THIS tutorial.  I gave my funkin the aged look using THIS tutorial.  Not that I couldn't have come up with versions and methods myself but this internet thing is really helpful.  I'm probably going to reach our data limit for the first time in months!  Every little bit of progress on this pumpkin diorama tickles me because my ideas are coming to light.

Now I am thinking about the fireplace and furniture and base with greenery.  It is all so much fun and I love having a project.  Even though I have help from the web world this makes me feel like an artist in some way.

Mice, eyeballs, dragon eggs, unicorn horns... goodness.

I love these pumpkins.

Eyeball for the potion book.

Leather from Barb :)

I literally sat making this stuff for about 5 hours.

I love the kitty with sparkle green eyes.

This pumpkin was the easiest thing to carve.  I used a fingernail file around the opening to smooth it out.

 Much better after detailed.

I have since added the little candles I made to the chandelier.  It was gold but I spray painted it satin black.  This little led puts out an OK amount of light.  Makes me possibly want to cut a window or maybe light up the fire in the fire place.

I am really happy with the floor.  I was going to go with wood but as fate had it I chose this.