Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wheelin in the new year

We took our annual four wheeling trip to the mountains over New Year's weekend. 

We camped this year in our Scotty.  It was cold and it snowed and sleeted a little.  We ate good and enjoyed each other's company for sure.  Heck of a way to bring in the new year... again!

We went to Brimstone in Huntsville, Tennessee.  Hell of a time!  Great riding!

I love this picture of him.

hooking them together

our pal Rhino


Larry & Ole Dad


Glennard & Mississippi

Hum... I reckon Vicky doesn't have a nickname

Glennard lost a wheel

And for your viewing pleasure....

Monday, January 9, 2017

Around Here

Yesterday was Sunday.  I went for a walk through the woods.  Even though it was bitterly cold.  I was sweating coming up Butterfly Hill.  It's funny how a short walk to see what's going on in the woods can be just what I need.  I even found mushrooms growing.  Most of the creek was frozen on top.  The sound the water makes bubbling through under the ice is relaxing.  One more day towards Spring is the way I look at it.  I know what's hiding under the leaves and snow.  It's still amazing... just like this.....