Saturday, March 11, 2017

8 etsy finds

what an amazing morning.  clear headed, light snow falling, dirty hair.  ive been hunting around on etsy this morning.  not really for anything in particular.  but oh the stuff you can find that makes you wish you had a five hundred dollar bill handy to get whatever. 

i did buy the black rose seeds.  and if you don't know why... you should if you know me at all.

the libra journal is precious.  i have bought other journals from her in the past.  love them!

the moon ring.  oh if only precious stones weren't so pricey.

if i could crochet i would buy this pattern and begin immediately.

sticks, stones, feathers, bones... these are 4 of my favorite things.  just look around my home.

fantastic leather sandals.  beautiful but too flat for me.  i still want them.

amethyst soap.  would look so lovely on my bathtub shelf with all the other crystals.

i once had a ring with a band like that.  i lost it at the beach.  never got over it.

i've missed you my darlings