Saturday, April 15, 2017

lovin right now

Howdy Doo!  Just a few things and places I am "lovin right now".

Piper Wai natural deodorant.  I never really thought that anything besides the junk I've always worn for sweat protection would work.  I love this deodorant.  I haven't quite decided if I like the roll on or rub on better.  The rub on takes practice but it still works great.  Summer is coming!  So we'll see!

Hanes Ultimate Comfy Wireless Bras.  When I had my thermogram I was told to stop wearing bras with underwire.  I actually had fun bra shopping because I actually had something specific to look for.  These bras are my favorite bras completely ever. So comfortable, no cuppage, no padding, great price... I can't say enough.  Check them out here.

I am in love with a blog and especially her free desktop calendars each month.  They aren't loud colors.  I look forward to them each month.  I change mine on my laptop and my computer screens at work.  Please find her wonderful site and blog at

In hopes of Spring Cleaning and making an effort to become more organized, I found a terrific blog called She has fantastic and free checklists.  I have three of them on my fridge right now.  Maybe as I get things done I will check them off the list. 

I've shared this before but this smoothie has been my breakfast for about a month now.  I don't really like starting my day without one.  I found it a couple of years ago on freepeople.  Find the recipe HERE.  I am also really into boiled eggs.  One is more filling than you think.
Beet Smoothie

And for a few extras.......

This is on my To-Craft list.

I can picture painting this watercolor of Black Rose

Lacey... please let me know when you flip out over this Palm Springs Themed Baby Shower.  Not for the baby shower... just the succulent cake and goodies.

I made this coffee scrub.  I want to eat it, it smells so good.  It feels great too.

I want this shirt.  Yes I'm still hooked on that site.

I'm thinking of shoe shopping today.  What do you think about these?

Since I am apparently down to blogging once a month... you can buy this if you miss me.

I stared at this blog post for a while.

I love you.... bye Felicia.