Saturday, June 24, 2017


Aloe Vera.   I love having this plant.  I can't remember a time in my adult life that I have not had an aloe plant... or five.  They are wonderful and extremely handy.  I've repaired many, many skin burns with cuttings from my plants.  The plants that I have now, although they are younger, are actually descendants from plants that an old friend gave me in my early twenties.

I had some extremely large plants that I "let go" one season.  I felt horrible killing them.  Honestly, it only took one good Tennessee frost/freeze and they were gone.  But I did get my enamelware tub back that they had taken over.  That thing had to have weighed eighty or more pound with all of those in there.  Shaun had to help me move it several times. 

So, I have three very small, very overgrown pots of Aloe.  I decided, since I have cut back on my plant buying this year and have several pots of dirt sitting around from last year, to separate the babies.  Once I pulled them out of the pots I was a little shocked yet not surprised at how many plants were shacking up in those little pots.  They divided up quickly and I had to walk around the porch and look for more pots.  Which weren't hard to find.

While some people will tell you to buy certain dirt or soil test... blah, blah, blah... aloe don't care.  I plucked them from their tiny abode and stuck them in that old dirt and I tell you they will thrive.  The only thing is... I now have seven pots of aloe instead of two.  And I have one more pot to go.  I am not promising that they will all come inside for the winter this year.  Please don't call the plant police.

There were seven plants in that one little pot.  One of them was not healthy so I let it go :(

My camera battery went dead so here are pics from the ones I transplanted last Saturday.

And one more to go.

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