Thursday, June 22, 2017

patchwork shower curtain

this project had been on my mind for a while.  A few times during the winter this year I found myself cutting squares on a whim but that was about all.  So when it came time to sew everything together ideas were flying.  Which, obviously, is the best time to get something done.  I broke out some blue jean and pieces of a flag, shotgun shells bags and even some old fabric with hunting dogs on it.  I simply made tabs on the top to hang it.  Nothing fancy.  But it's up there and I love it. 

Seriously!  Whohas a cell phone holder handy whilst you use the john?  I do... that's who.

Reckon I need to go back over with the scissors.

There is patchwork something in almost every room of our home.  And it is things I have made.  Bed spread (and here)bedroom curtains for both bedrooms, shower curtain... and soon to be bath mat :)

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