Thursday, October 17, 2013

40 things about me

Well, I turn 40 years old tomorrow and thought I would share 40 things about myself that you may know or may not have known.  Some of them fun facts, some of them just facts.  Thanks for entertaining me!
  1. I cannot resist buying clearance plants no matter how bad they look.
  2. I am a bag lady.  I most likely have at least two bags of something where ever I go.
  3. I am registered voter.
  4. I don't know my blood type.
  5. I am the fourth of four girls in my family.
  6. I am a horrible test taker.
  7. I wish on stars and rock stacks.
  8. I want to write a book.
  9. I have seen quite a few spirits in my lifetime.
  10. The National Anthem makes me cry every time when it says "that our flag was still there."
  11. I would not like to go back in age... just to the "no responsibilities" part.
  12. I adore crepes with lemon curd and blueberries with powdered sugar on top.
  13. I have a fear of undercooked chicken that makes me quiver.
  14. I hate the smell of dirty hair.
  15. I have a four leaf clover tattoo that I got when I was 29.
  16. I would like my own secret garden.
  17. I despise vacuuming.
  18. I love the smell of tobacco.
  19. I do not like meat loaf or chicken pot pie. (luckily neither does Shaun)
  20. I am a serious night time teeth clincher and grinder.
  21. The fact that I cannot have children hurts me more than anything in life.
  22. I have rainy day jeans that I feel can predict the weather.
  23. I love being self employed.
  24. There's something about our creek and woods that rejuvenates me.
  25. I miss Sipsey and Pepper like there's no tomorrow.
  26. I wish I had moved out on my own before I got married the first time.
  27. I have green eyes that brighten big time when I cry.
  28. I rode my bike down a neighbor's driveway and went in the ditch to avoid being run over by a car and didn't tell anyone when I was 9.
  29. I am a finder of feathers.
  30. I can turn a cartwheel to the left or the right.
  31. I badly want to find more arrowheads.
  32. Knowing the sun is shining above the clouds has gotten me through rainy days.
  33. I feel whatever body wash I use will affect my day.  (and what bra)
  34. My first three toes are the same length.
  35. The sound of a dog crunching a tiny potato chip cracks me up... every time.
  36. I used to enjoy running.
  37. I remember birthdays of kids I went to school with.
  38. I emotionally attach myself to things that I grow and nurture.
  39. I wish I was more sympathetic.
  40. I truly enjoy being the age that I am and feel I have earned every year!
I hope I didn't bore you too much.  I have been jotting things down for this list since my sister showed me a blog post of a gal who did this when she turned 40.  I only got to 20 until today and feel I could have gone on and on.