Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: Couture Prairie

I adore Rachel Ashwell books.  I would say that her style is what my heart desires.  I feel it just takes a little help to get there and this book sure handed me a dose of inspiration.  I was honestly inspired to go into the master bath and change out my tobacco shelf on the tub with the green shelf that I had painted, added an oval iron stone platter and put my vinegar cruets filled with bath gels and a vase full of zinnias.  I also moved a gold velvet chair into the room by the tub and wound up painting a peg board a light pink color and distressing it.  It looks fantastic, it's just not hung yet.  I get nervous and ask for help when I hang stuff on the walls.  I feel like I need to find a stud and can't ever seem to hit one right.  The book is fantastic.  I have visited her store online and her blog.  I won't exactly allow myself to afford her duvet covers and sassy items but it gives me inspiration for working with the things I can afford and find at yard sales and flea markets.  I adored this book and I give it a 10!

I have never wished I saved the curtain rod for my clawfoot tub more.
And here are the pics of my inspiration.