Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gingerbread Houses - The Making

My Mother and Father have quite the construction business going on this time of year!  I decided this year to show a few "behind the scenes" pictures of my Mom putting the cut out gingerbread houses together.  For starters, at this point, my Father long ago cut out wooden circle disks for the houses to rest on and has traced and cut out all of the pieces of foam core board for the walls and roofs of the little houses.  Maybe next year I will catch him in the act for pictures of that process!

Mom decided to use foam core board because she is a genius.  We used to put together graham crackers with thick royal icing as glue which led to much messier houses than we have now.  But if that is all you've got to work with, by all means, get to it!

First Mom wraps each wooden platform with aluminum foil so we can safely use them again and again.  Then she uses a glue gun to put the houses together.  First the walls, then the roof and finally she glues each one down on the aluminum foil.  Her next step will be to cover up the glued edges with icing on each house!  Wow!  That Mother of mine!  This year she made sixteen houses for us!  It seems each year we have more family wanting to join in on the fun and that's A-OK with us!  Nice work Mom!  Love you!

 This is their pattern for two different size houses.  Top secret stuff!

The disks before foil.

Those hands have spanked my bottom and hugged my neck a bunch y'all!

Taped down for security purposes.
Each house has six pieces... obviously.

So now you see we ain't kiddin around when it comes to this particular tradition.  And my house plans for this year ain't kiddin around either.  Stay Tuned!

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