Thursday, November 14, 2013

Healing Hands

Y'all... it is a slap out miracle!  I inherited a pair of the driest hands I've ever seen.  They used to only dry out during the winter but, lucky for me, they are pretty much dry all year round now.  Over our camping weekend they were at their peak of being overly dry and my thumb and knuckle on my middle finger had cracked open to the point of blood and I sewanee I did not want to touch water at all because I knew it would get worse.  Trust me I use plenty of lotion, even the kind my dermatologist recommends.  But NOTHING has been doing the trick.  Not even band aids with trisporin.  Ick... until now. 
I was whining to my sister Tracy and she said "hey, Dad told me about this stuff he uses that really helps.  I'll bring you some when I stop by today."  Hallelujah for the advise!  She brought me a tub of the stuff and I profess right now that it works!  I used this product for only two days and my cracking has healed and my hands no longer sound like sand paper when i touch fabric.  It's crazy!
Here's the hand cream that literally saved my hide.  She bought it at Ace Hardware.  It's the perfect stocking stuffer for dry handed people!  And this girl will never be without again!
Here's the website

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