Friday, November 1, 2013

Peppy Picks Winter Wear

I am digging this store that I found online.  The prices on their winter wear is really good.  I'm not one of those bloggers who wears truly expensive clothing and when I feel I find a deal that's worth sharing I am all over it.  I ordered myself a pair of the black fleece lined pants and the camo pair to hunt in.  They are actually men's but I don't care as long as they fit decently.  I didn't say I was going to wear them to the prom... I said hunting ;)  I currently do not own any lined pants of any kind.  I always have to wear leggings or long johns underneath my jeans.  So maybe these will be good for playing outside at the day care this winter and such.  I'll letcha know!  That is all I ordered as of now.  Although I really want to try the heat shirts and the upper body items above.  Toodles!
p.s. just click on the picture above to be directed to
Their stores are apparently global.  Don't know why I've never heard of them til now.