Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Adventures A Great Turkey Shoot

Well, I am here to report the best turkey shoot at Sleepin' Bear Lodge and Farms that we've had to date.  The 7th annual shoot was put on Saturday, November 23rd, which is a week or so later in the year than it is normally held.  We had a cold, windy day but that didn't stop the shooters from coming.  I don't have an exact head count but I would venture to guess around a hundred people were in attendance which is the most we've ever had.  Over five hours we shot thirty two lines, between shotgun, rifle, pistol and skeet shoots.  That's a bit over six shoots an hour.  We had fantastic helpers there all day from the firing lines, pay line, behind the scenes and food crew.  Which speaking of the food.... we had regular chili, dove chili, BBQ soup, jalapeno cornbread, regular cornbread and desserts!  If you left hungry it's your own fault!  The raffle tickets gave way to three guns given away, two air guns and one 410.  Folks won so many turkeys, Boston butts and country hams that we ran out which is a wonderful thing!  Y'all, we had a mighty fine day and I'm not sure how much exactly we raised for the children's hospital but we gave it our finest shot.  Thanks to everyone and if you weren't there, well we missed you!!

I was too busy to take many pictures.  Here are a few of the ones I was able to snap.


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