Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Bit of Holiday Reading

I don't know about you, but I like to read before going to sleep at night.  Most people say that it puts them to sleep.  I will say that it does me that very same way but that's the point!  When a hectic day or worries have my mind all clogged up come bedtime I feel it helps to clear my mind and focus on something else.  A little reading does just that.  This practice can be especially helpful during the holidays and may help to not be so stressed out.  Most of the time I will read until I can't hold my eyes open anymore.  Sometimes that is a chapter or two and sometimes it's one page.  But I find I have let go of my worries so I can sleep more soundly.
I have put together a few holiday book suggestions for you!  Awe!  I have actually only read one of these and it wasn't necessarily about Christmas but the mystery story was based during that time of year.  It's nice to fictionally see what someone else is doing for a bit!  I'll be focusing on Christmas Bliss myself... and maybe a little Christmas in High Heels.  The Gemma Halliday books can get a touch steamy!
I am dying to get my hands on several of these books.  Unluckily, my library does have three of them.
Happy Holiday Reading!
BTW Christmas in High Heels by Gemma Halliday is part of the High Heels mystery series.  If you sign up for Gemma's newsletters in her website you will get Christmas in High Heels short story free by download!  I am a fan of the High Heels series and am delighted to get this read!!
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P.S. the freebie is only good through January 15th, 2014.