Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Snacks for Far Off Friends

My Mom has always made what we always called "Nuts and Bolts" at Christmas time.  Her version is the best, in my opinion, and we always knew it was there to snack on anytime during the holidays... lucky for us!  I got the hankering for some last week and decided to make some for myself.  I picked up all the ingredients and the grocery and Sunday morning our home was filled with the wonderful smells of butter and worcestershire sauce... yum!  I actually called Mom to see what her recipe was and she uses the chex mix recipe on the box minus the garlic but I bought the off brand cereal and wasn't sure the recipe would be the same.  While I was browsing the internet for the right recipe I came across Pioneer Woman's version and seeing as how I trust PW's taste I decided to try my hand at her recipe too which turned out wonderful. 
While I was making the treat, I was talking to my dear friend Melia in Memphis.  I was telling her how good it smelled in the house and how good they came out and decided to send her some.  I have some tins on hand but they seemed a tad big and would have taken the whole batch to fill so I decided to use the ole noggin and make my own containers using the tubs that the mixed nuts and peanuts came in.  I took the original paper off and cut and glued Christmas wrapping paper to the outside.  The lid was already red and creates a pretty good seal.  A good idea to use what I was going to toss out anyway and it made my postage a little friendlier to mail something smaller to my friends. 
Hope you gals enjoy a little love from my kitchen!
Here's the LINK to the recipe on Pioneer Woman that I used for this batch.

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