Thursday, December 19, 2013

DC Stockings

Bought stockings are ok and I know they are cheap but I have a ton of felt and a needle and thread at hand so I decided to make Christmas stockings for the kids at my day care.  I cut a little template from card stock, traced it and cut them all out.  Then I used all red thread and a simple chain stitch all the way around each stocking, adding a piece of felt for the hanger. 
Once they were all sewn it was time to decorate them.  Each child chose a color of stocking they wanted.  Luckily the boys didn't choose the pink and purple ones so the girls could have them.  I brought all kinds of sequins from home and put four or five of different shaped sequins on divided plates.  I dabbed the glue and the kids got to add the sequins.  Some of the kids added ALL of their sequins and some just a few.  Before we put them away to dry, I added their names with glitter glue which for some reason didn't have enough glitter for my taste so I added more in special colors for each stocking.  They turned out so cute and much more to my liking than the store bought ones.  Plus they'll hold more stuffers!

The girls haven't decorated their stockings yet and neither have I.  Yes I made one for myself!

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