Monday, December 30, 2013

literally on the library hold shelf

here I go again... trying desperately to find natural, herbal help for my awful skin.  by the looks of the books it probably looks like I am about ready to start casting spells!  not true.  hexes and hemlines is the third book in a series I picked up this fall.  I just finished the second one and am ready for more.  it's extremely fictional but fun to read.  there are several songs on the best of doobie brothers cd that I've wanted to hear lately.  I appreciate the fact that the library has such things.  I am so readily interested in what the healing arts of American Indians has to say.  it may be made up hogwash or it may make sense.  you just never know.  I feel that some person some where in time had skin problems long before modern medicine and feel there are plants that grow wild on our farm that I can use to help in some way.  I tend to get desperate this time of year.  I am still learning and soak it up.  I would love to take an herbal class or something but prefer to study it in my own time.
what are you reading right now?

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