Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Day Walk

I like to take a walk through our woods and creek on new years day.  I have a bond of sorts with the land that we live and play on and love to begin my year this way.  The temp today is in the high forties/low fifties with a bright blue sky and plenty of sunshine.  I took my pal Katie Bug along with me and as we started on our trek I heard a voice calling from behind.  The voice of Kitty following along.  I thought she would turn back once we hit the woods.  I was wrong.  She tagged along and kept right up the whole time and though my walk involves being in the creek, she trotted along side of the creek talking to me the whole way almost as if she was showing me this and that and telling me to be careful.  The creek is pretty slick with moss this time of the year.  We visited the icicles and my wild orchids.  I always like to check on them when I'm there.  I only brought home one small rock treasure.  As we walked, and Kate ran, jumped and splashed like it was August, I noticed little notions here and there that I leave and they make me smile to see them and remember the day I sat them there and they remain untouched.  Beautiful day for a walk and a wonderful way to begin the year here.

Much Love, Laurie

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