Wednesday, January 29, 2014

black beans and rice

I have been asked by my doctor to cut back my meat intake from three times a day to two or three times a week.  after i got up off the floor from shock (jk) I asked if he was truly serious.  then, he said to cut out pork all together!  my look of terror eeked "but doc! we have two hogs we raised that go to the slaughter house this week!" being a vegan himself, he had no sympathy.  ugh!  all that work.  I will say the sausage is divine.  I cannot cut it out altogether.  I've always been a carnivore/herbivore mix, for crying out loud.  he suggested that I replace meat with other proteins such as beans, lentils, etc. and brown rice.  so I have been doing my best.  I have changed my breakfast and lunch and most of the time supper too.  here's what I have made at the dc for lunch that goes along with a nice spring salad with carrots, tomato and whole grain toast.

it's pretty simple.  for me it took a day to get used to the idea.  i made one recipe for this out of a cook book and it didn't turn out near as good as this one.  i will say that i used tomatoes and okra that i had canned together from our garden.  i do feel sure there is something comparable within the canned tomatoes at the grocery.  you could just experiment with different varieties and see what you like best.  also, i used instant brown rice for this recipe.  since, i have made it again and used the bagged kind which turns out a little stickier than the instant but the flavor is better.  have fun!

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