Monday, January 20, 2014

weekend shots

What a lovely weekend.  Thursday evening I started this beautiful bread that ended up fantastic and accompanying this corn chowder recipe and inspired the inviting of my sister and her husband to come over and enjoy the comfort food.

I asked my sister Mary Evelyn to join me in my weekly running around with some added hot spots this week.  We dropped by the library, a couple of thrift stores, High Garden Tea, the Turnip Truck and ate a lovely lunch at The Pharmacy in East Nashville.  My doctor has changed my diet considerably and I feel good that I know where to find items that can be a little different and hard to find in White House.  Plus I totally enjoy the challenge.

Sunday I baked a birthday cake for my sister, we loaded the hogs because it is time for them to feed us, and we enjoyed ourselves at my parent's home for Demo's lunch, cake eating, family heritage studying and topped it all off with a loving guitar solo concert by my Dad where he shared nine songs he has written.  One of them specifically about my and our walks in the woods.  So cool.  Thanks Dad.  I did learn that one set of my family heritage began in Wales, another in England and another in Scotland.  One family tree went back twelve generations and began in 1628 in England.  Wow.  I didn't know Mom had that one.

This was the easiest bread and turned out great.

She used to just lay down in the seat.  I love that she wants to know where we are going now.

I love that profile.

The dried herbs at High Garden were fantastic, readily available, and cheaper than I thought they would be.  They have a fantastic assortment.

I borrowed a coffee grinder from my Mom to grind up the flax seed I got at the turnip truck.  worked perfectly.  I am supposed to add a teaspoon to my diet each day.

a little echinacea tea.

a new pot for this little baby tears plant.

homemade granola for the week.

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