Wednesday, February 19, 2014

diy tool pouch

Here's a cute little tool pouch I dreamed up yesterday while at the day care.  After supper last night I wandered in to my craft room at home, drew a picture of what I wanted, looked around at what materials I had and an hour later, I had a tool pouch.  The second one took about fifteen minutes to put together.  I got stuck on what to use for the ties at the waist and after much looking and debating on what to use I turned around and saw a big bolt of gingham ribbon that I bought at Christmas time this past year.  Perfect.  

It is super simple if you have the know how and can be used as a tool pouch for kid's play tools or I even thought it would be completely handy while planting the garden to have my seeds in.  Or while out walking to put my treasures in. 

I used a shotgun shell shot bag and cut it in half so I could make two pouches out of it.  I used a thicker canvas fabric for the back side and simply hemmed the top edges, sewed the three sides together, incorporating the ribbon at the top edges, flipped it inside out and sewed two straight lines giving it three pockets.  I made the ribbons way too long for the kids but just long enough so that it fits me too.  

Aunt Dea... tell Norman thanks again for the bags!  I have found yet another use for them!

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