Thursday, May 1, 2014

a tea bar

Hi Y'all!  We hosted our family's Easter gathering this year and as I was thinking of what to serve to drink I an idea!  Yay!  I am not one to drink carbonated soft drinks so I didn't want to buy up two liters that would be left at my disposal.  The guys generally complain about pre-mixed fruit tea.  Dad is the only one who can drink coffee with lunch.  So I felt to please everyone I would offer sweet tea and ice water.  A week or so before the day I remembered a day last fall when my friend Christal and I ventured to a barn sale in Lebanon, Tennessee where we were absolutely delighted, when we got through the tea and lemonade line, to find an assortment of additions for our drinks.  On a hot day it was so fun to add sliced strawberries, fresh mint and lavender water to our lemonade and tea.  So, in remembrance of the fruition, I decided to have a tea bar!

I sliced strawberries, lemons, oranges and pineapple and purchased a couple of fresh mint plants from the produce section at the grocery (planted them in pots later).   Well, you never know how things will turn out but this tea bar turned out fantastic!  All of the ladies had so much fun with it and even a few of the guys!  We flavored our water and tea with all the goodies and felt our posture rise at the feeling of a tea party on a yummy warm Easter day!

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