Thursday, August 7, 2014

powder puff girl

So, I tried an experiment this summer.  Since I work, or play rather, outside quite a lot, I have found that the hot summer sun causes me to glisten like a pig and sometimes causes breakouts on the back of my neck and upper back.  Even though I wash these areas very well I can't seem to stop it.  At the same time, because of dry skin, I lotion these areas also which in turn causes more oils and junk to seep into pores causing the problem there again.  So this summer I had the idea to revert to using baby powder on my chest, neck and back.  I use the cucumber scented kind... not a big fan of baby powder smell.  It has worked very well and my skin has gotten used to it and doesn't feel dry at all but actually a kind of nourished feel and the breakouts have stopped.  So it's more of keeping the area dry and oil free than anything... duh. 

As I shake the bottle of powder and it lightly drapes down my back each morning I think back to my Grandmother Covington's little bathroom.  Her tub was to the right when you walked in the door and at the end of the tub was a linen closet.  When you opened it, there hanging on the door was a long handled, pink powder puff just perfect for patting powder evenly on your hard to reach places.  And believe me I used it many, many times.  I think of this powder puff every morning in my closet thinking of how much easier it would be than picking up some article of clothing off the floor to help spread the powder around my back.  

So, needless to say, I remembered what I wanted when I got to work this morning and started looking online, figuring it would be no problem to find something similar.  I am wrong.  Oh I found the exact same powder puff that she had, which was apparently Avon, on ebay for pretty steep prices.  If Grammaw, which is how Grandma came out of our mouths, only knew that her refillable powder puff would have an asking price of $59.95 back then she may have willed it to one of us!  I have found other types of powder puffs but they are either hideously tacky with little roses and ribbons or come with a silverware length handle which will probably cause a visit to my chiropractor eventually.  All that said, I am on the hunt for a long handled, refillable powder puff.  I may never find it.  I would love to settle and buy one off ebay but I am afraid it might have the old Avon smell which is never good in an antique sense.  

Here is an old picture of the Avon one.  My memory thinks it was a little longer than it looks here.  Ofcourse my back wasn't near as long then as it is now... hmmm.

And the ones that are a touch on the tacky side for me.  Seriously.

Antique Trimmed Powder Puff Wand

And the ones that are a touch little girl for me.  Maybe it's the lollipop name that hinders me.  It could actually work for what I want.  It would at least save dirty shirt from a powdery haze.  

I am going to the Wal-Mart tomorrow to see what I can find although their website provided no comfort to my search.  Maybe I should just call Avon and beg them to bring them back into their line.  

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  1. I've bee looking for this pink, long handled powder puff from Avon, too! I desperately miss mine!


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