Thursday, October 30, 2014

dc halloween

Man have we been partying around here?!?!  Halloween at the day care is in full force today complete with pumpkins, goodies and costumes!  We truly started out on Monday when we all made super hero masks from cut outs I made a couple of weeks ago and mardi gras masks that I ordered from Amazon.  We all liked that project!  

Then yesterday, the boys and I carved a big pumpkin that will be lit on Halloween night at my house.  Can't blame me for getting help!  I brought out Mr Refrigerator Pumpkin Head and we decided on what face our lantern needed by taking turns making faces on him.  We chose the most used parts, traced them on our pumpkin and took turns digging out the guts, poking tiny holes along the lines and using safe utensils to cut out the face.  It turned out pretty good.

During nap time I roasted the pumpkin seeds (for myself :) ) and after the kids got up we got to work.  We counted out enough seeds for everyone and placed them in a bowl.  Then we added orange glitter, gold glitter and tiny peach sequins.  We passed the bowl around and each child gave it a stir and muttered their wish that the pumpkin seeds would magically come up over night.  We marched out to the garden and each chose a spot to plant our magic seeds.  I tell you I felt like Santa this  morning placing pumpkins in the garden before they all got here and their faces were soooo worth getting my winter moccasins wet in the frosty grass.  I did hide my shoes so no one would be suspicious!  They were giddy with excitement saying "Miss Laurie... our spell worked!!!!

When all of the children were here we traipsed out to the garden, got our pumpkins and brought them back up to the porch.  There were small, carving pumpkins and tiny pumpkins.. enough for each child and a tiny one for me too.  We quickly got to work with glitter (any excuse for me to use glitter!) and glue on the tiny ones for them to take home.  It's up the parents on the bigger ones once they get home.  The bigger ones were given to me by my father-in-law who grew them in his garden this year.  How nice!

We've played Halloween bingo and we still have cupcakes and more games to go once nap time is over.  A full day planned is nice!  Happy Halloween kids!!!

They just couldn't believe it!  How magical!

 I definitely feel as if I have accomplished something today!

This is my third year to use him!  I have replaced the facial parts but only because I lost them.

By the way... I used a small Pillsbury Funfetti cupcake mix that is orange and only makes twelve cupcakes which is plenty for us!

I got the Halloween Bingo game as a free printable HERE.

I got the free template for the super hero mask accessories HERE.

And the masks at amazon HERE.  Which were a lot cheaper when I ordered them than now.

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