Thursday, March 26, 2015

On The Menu

This week, even though it's Thursday, I thought I would share what's On The Menu at our house for supper.

Monday: Chicken Lo Mein
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I am trying a new recipe on Monday for Lo Mein from the cookbook Cook Without a Book which I am in love with!  It is actually a meatless cookbook but it is easy enough to add meat to the recipes.  I am making my Chicken Lo Mein with broccoli and baby corn.  The cookbook I rented from the library and have tried one other recipe that turned out fabulous and was easy as can be.  I must have it on my shelf soon!

Tuesday: Talapia with lemon sauce, mixed rice and 
Steamed Zucchini and Squash

Sorry folks... no picture here.  I will be making a very easy supper.  
The fish recipe is one of my own and a favorite that you can find HERE.  

The steamed veggies are so simple it's silly.  You make them by chopping up vegetables in to bite sized pieces, placing in a small casserole dish with a non-fitting lid or saran wrap with a crack left open, placing a little water in the bottom and seasonings of your choice.  Then cooking in the microwave for about three to four minutes.

The rice medley is one I've found recently and really like.  It cooks in ten to twelve minutes.

Wednesday: supper at Granny's! a.k.a. my night off!

Thursday: PW's Sour Cream Noodle Bake with Salad

Picture and recipe both from The Pioneer Woman's website from 2011.  This recipe has been a favorite of ours for quite some time and is super easy to make.  It's a lot like lasagna but then different too.  I plan on throwing a simple salad together of mixed greens, tomatoes and crunchy croutons.

Friday: Sloppy BBQ & White Bean Fritters

Another one of our favorites and a leave it then eat it kind of thing!  
Also I have another really good cookbook on loan from the library right now called Meatless, from the kitchen of Martha Stewart Living.  I found a recipe there for White Bean Fritters that I am itching to try.  Mainly because I love white beans and the crunchiness of a good fried fritter!  Maybe I will throw on some turnip greens just to make my cheeks rosy!  Geeze... I don't sound southern at all!

As for the weekend... well... it sounds like we may have some leftovers!  

It inspires me to come up with our meals ahead of time.  Even better to do so before I go to the grocery so I can make sure I have everything on hand.  Planning ahead does take the pressure off and also eliminates unnecessary money spent on last minute eating out because you can't decide or can't agree on what's for supper.   Hopefully you have an agreeable eater like I do!

For meal planning ideas from Peppysis  Click Here

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  1. Your dinners sound great! I'm on a meatless diet and my family likes meat so we have a variety of meals here. That Meatless cookbook sounded especially good. I like adding cut up meat to meals so I can just pick it out then everyone else gets their meat & is happy. Truthfully though I usually cook vegan since it's what I prefer.


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