Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Camp Arrowhead Day Three

Day three of summer camp, Camp Arrowhead, began with one of my pre-kindergarteners coming in so excited that he had practiced his ABCs overnight and finally had the song down.  Shaun just happened to be here when he proudly sang the tune without a hiccup on any letters!  THIS display earned him the ABC star badge for his head band!  We are working on two more boys here possibly earning their badge tomorrow.  So proud of those guys!
Our morning craft was a good one.  After seeing the campfire I had made to use for camp all week, the kids were tickled to learn that they would be making their own campfires today and earning a campfire badge to boot!  We painted thick paper plates black and painted four toilet paper and paper towel rolls (p.t. cut in half) a few shades of brown and black to resemble fire wood.  I hot glued the sticks in place and the kids learned how to smush tissue paper just so that it looks like flames.  I hot glued the flames in also.  Tomorrow, since Kroger ran out of the flicker tea lights, the kids will get to take their campfires home with one tea light in the middle to use at home. 




Lunch time was had inside today.  The kids asked if we could pretend thunderstorm again so that's what we did.  This time however, we brought out the campfire and I cooked hot dogs in the microwave that afterward we put on forks and pretended to roast them over the fire.  They really liked that... the kids that is.  We also had grapes and chips with mini marshmallows for dessert that one pretty smart kid put on the tines of his fork and pretend roasted them too!  That's a lot of pretendin' going on!

After nap and a cheese and cracker snack everyone heard the activity whistle blow!  They came running and were advised to put their shoes on cause we were going outside.  I had found online and printed out copies of insect bingo.  I decided to simply use the bingo cards as guides because it had great pictures of lots of insects.  I handed out the sheets and a crayon to each and we headed out to see what we could find.  We hunted and pointed and "Hey look" 'ed until we got pretty hot, this being a very humid afternoon, and decided to head back inside and get ourselves some water while we compared notes on what we found.  Everyone was excited to tell about which insects they had seen and everyone earned an insect badge for participating in a successful hunt!

Day three is at a close and it's been a good one although the campers seem restless to do their own thing.  After one more day of sack lunches I am sure they will be ready for green beans and chicken nuggets next week.  They're just like that.  We only have one more day because everyone will be here that day.  I don't have as many on Friday and most would have missed out on the camp closing badge ceremony!  I am tired but getting a little sad to see the week come to a close.  On to day four!!

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