Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camp Arrowhead Day Two

Day two of summer camp at the day care began with a dousing of bug spray, some sunshine, a long walk accompanied by a scavenger hunt.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and didn't have along during the walk.  My niece came to help so I was a tad braver to take a bunch of kids on a different trek.  We went down the driveway, towards the house, then made a right across the field of sunflowers and millet blooming beautifully.  We made it along the other side of the field and over to the bed and breakfast area that my father-in-law has.  The kids had their sacks with a list of pictures taped to the front of items to look for.  Every few steps it seemed someone would holler "I found a stick in a Y shape" or "Look! I found something green!"  We saw a good sized lizard and Gary's two puppies and headed back across the field to the driveway, made a left and tracked back towards the day care.  Truly we weren't gone but about forty minutes.  When we got back, we sat one the back porch and each child, one at a time, pulled out the contents and treasures found and told each one what they had found.  One of them, after showing everything, reached back in his bag and said "Oh, I forgot about this cricket!"  Sneaky boy!

After sacks of treasures were stored in cubbies to go home :) , we had one more activity before lunch.  I brought out some necklace thread, some wooden beads and some arrowhead courtesy of my friend Barb of Skywalkflutes (thanks Barb!) and made our Camp Arrowhead necklaces!  I had already made loops on the arrowheads with wire so they were ready to go.  The kids added beads and we tied them on to happy kids. 

Another sack lunch for day two that included a "lunchables"type theme.  We had round crackers with sliced of cheese and bologna for do-it-yourself sandwiches, sliced apples and fruity marshmallows for dessert.  Today we decided to eat our lunch outside on the play ground under the trees.  I wanted to make a make-shift tent from sheets on the swing set to eat underneath but the wind prevented me from this.  Maybe another day.


Naptime was once again a darkened playroom with a lit campfire and a semi-scary campfire story.
My niece took this picture of me reading and most of the kids asleep already. 
After naptime, I had one more activity planned.  I had previously cut out arrowheads from cardboard and on our scavenger hunt walk, I gathered sticks.  Each child got to paint their arrowhead a mix of gray and silver.  When they dried, I called each child into the craft room and let them pick out a stick and a couple of feathers and tied the arrowhead and feathers to the chosen stick to make a spear.  I actually had another game planned for the afternoon but after all this, and gluing on another badge to head bands for the spear, the kids wanted to play with their spears outside so I let them.  They played until parents began arriving and got to take their spears, scavenger hunts bags and arrowhead necklaces home with them. 

I made my prototype during naptime. 
Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make sure a craft is going to work!
Luckily it did.

I am in love with this picture!

Whew... what a day.  On to day three!!!

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