Friday, July 24, 2015

Image Inspiration

Image Inspiration is a spot where I share images that have caught my eye and inspired me in one way or another creatively, soulfully or just plain ole inspired me to do something. 
These pics from hazelandscout... post named Bohemian Ballet Boudior captured me.  I intend to photograph my niece Kristen within the next couple of years for her senior pictures and am always looking for poses and situations that are inspiring for us to try.  I think these are gorgeous... whether or not we use them.

A recipe for these zucchini flower fritters from Mimi Thorrison
I don't know if we would love them but I sure do have a lot of zucchini flower so now would be the time to try!

This font and font collection put together by Bonnie Christine.
I'm cheap and prefer the free ones that you can optional donate to.
But this one could be hard to resist because it will come to mind in future projects.

5 fonts to fall in love with (1)
This porch picture inspires me more the more I look at it.  Makes me want to work on the picnic table area of  our back porch and hang baskets  to house garden and canning needs for the summer.  I do get a touch hesitant thinking of the bugs, spiders, wasp and dirt dobbers who would be after the new d├ęcor too.  It also makes me want to plant more garlic this year for next season.  Mine didn't do to suit me this year.
I happened upon one of my favorite interior sites a few days after I scheduled this post... which I do in advance that way it allows me to build on them if I want.  And in this so case... I want. is a classic fave of mine.
In often find inspiring images and have shared them with you before.  Today, after I finished the dove book!!! YYYAAAYYY... I cruised a couple of my regulars and found myself literally staring at this picture.  Pictures with plants speak to me.  I am a plant lady and garden girl and love to see how people incorporate leafy life into their homes and spaces.  I stared and stared and remembered a bench that our friend Stevie brought to me recently and thought of moving some friends around on the porch.  Honestly... when I finish this I am going out to see what I can do.  It feels good to my soul... even though the heat index is still 107 right now.  Not a complaint.  I still love summer.
You kind find this fantastic post HERE.
OK and don't think for a second that I didn't think of painting tires for planters after seeing them here.  Lord knows we've got plenty of tires around here... big ones and little ones.
This kitchen scene is amazing too.  I was drawn immediately to the pottery utensil holders.
Must make more dream catchers and hang them on the porch.  How pretty is this!
I love seeing other's style.

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