Thursday, September 24, 2015

days of our day care

Another blissful day at the creek with three of my kiddos from the day care and one furry kiddo of mine... Katie Bug.  I am so thankful that Kate is so very good with people and kids.  She wants to play all the time and fits right in.  This morning I was still on an energy buzz from the Kacey Musgraves concert last night that I just quietly started packing lunches for the kids while they played and at about 9:30 we headed to the back of the farm.  We had a blast... one caught a craw daddy, I traded marshmallows for found treasures, we ate sandwiches, threw the stick for Kate, listened to good music, and the boys threw logs into the water making big splashes.  During lunch I turned the music off and we just listened.  I asked each one to tell me what they were hearing.  We heard birds talking, crickets chirping, an airplane flying over and even Kate panting waiting for another Cheetoh.  I always wish we could stay longer but the creek wears them out and naptime is a must for some.  I wish it were for me... I just can't sleep when the sun is out. 

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